We have responded to the COVID 19 pandemic by designing the USOSAFE isolation chamber.

USOSAFE  allows patients to stay at home whilst reducing the risk to other household members. It can also be used in hospitals, for example to isolate patients on wards and to increase the number of beds in an area without increasing the risk of contamination between patients. They could be used in Care Homes to prevent the spread of disease amongst vulnerable people. 

Made from fire resistant air tight material and a cantilever frame, a sealed unit encases the mattress. Air pipes that can be put out of a window are attached to the unit with sealed gaskets. There is an isolation chamber where items can be passed into the unit. The unit can be sanitised and reused. This will reduce the amount of waste from single use PPE equipment, which is better for the environment as well as the hospitals, and will help to minimise issues such as sores behind the ears due to wearing a mask all day that health care professionals are currently facing. 

 The USOSAFE can be made to fit over a single, double or king sized bed. It can also be made entirely in clear material. 

Single £400
Double £500
King £600
Plus Shipping

Please contact us for a bulk order quote.

We will be offering the plans for the USOSAFE Isolation chamber for free to help minimise risk for as many people as possible.

 Please use the contact form below for more information or to place an order. 

Designer Rupert Sweet-Escott

Ideal Inventor of the Year 2011, Grand Designs Green Hero 2011 and Leonardo da Vinci European Design Award Nominee 1995

More of Rupert's inventions can be found at www.BellaTurbines.com
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The USOSAFE is not a substitute for medical care and serves only to minimise the risk of spreading infectious diseases. 

It is important to follow the official advice. 

For the UK this can be found at:  www.gov.uk/coronavirus